CARA menu addin for MS Office

Add a ribbon to MS Office applications from which you can open documents from Documentum to edit, using CARA searches, Dimensions, SnapLists, Recent Items or Favorites.  Then avoid the double [...]

CARA SharePoint integration

Simultaneous co-authoring using SharePoint, Google Docs or Dropbox is now available through CARA for Documentum.  The lead author would either manually check out the document to SharePoint via a [...]

CARA REST web services

While Documentum has its own Web Services layer, the functionality added in the CARA application is not available through that but is now provided by our own RESTful Web Services application. [...]

CARA and PleaseReview Integration

Following a strategic partnership, PleaseTech's renowned and powerful product, PleaseReview, will soon be seamlessly integrated with our CARA user interface. Initially this integration will be [...]