The 3 Cs : Collaboration. Compliance. Centralization.

Another year, another focus; here's why we think Collaboration, Compliance, and Centralization are worth giving their own letter. Join us in Chicago and Boston next month to take the discussion [...]


CARA for Oracle WebCenter – New Release

Generis has released the latest version of the CARA user interface and configuration toolsuite for the Oracle WebCenter platform. Navigate more easily with Dimensions, set up different user [...]


Guest Post from Adlib: New E-Book 50 Shades of Green Rewrites the Story of PDF

Hello GenerisWorld! My name is Roger Beharry Lall, and I’m the Director of Product Marketing at Adlib. We’re thrilled to have a chance to post on this blog. Adlib and Generis recently announced [...]


My 5 guidelines to effective partnerships

Generis recently announced its strategic partnership with Adlib, to create a powerful combined Life Sciences offering of their PDF and publishing tools with our CARA user interface for [...]


Top 4 aspirations: Content Management for Life Sciences in 2015

Life Science companies have some complex requirements for Electronic Content Management: not just the range of content that has to be managed for a product from it’s early discovery through the [...]

Osthus becomes Platinum Partner

OSTHUS becomes a Generis Platinum Implementation Partner for CARA. Generis Knowledge Management Inc. today announced that OSTHUS, a global leading vendor agnostic

Quarter Million Users

SARASOTA, FL - Aug. 18, 2015 - Generis, a leading content management company, today announced enhancements to its industry leading CARA solution, representing the most significant update to the [...]

CARA for Regulatory Information Management (RIM)

The business key to RIM is to allow users to access and manage the information through a single user interface. The IT key to RIM is to use existing systems as much as possible to avoid data [...]

Forbes Feature

Building a business on a product that replaces and supplements standard features on an already expensive software product doesn’t seem like a winning business strategy

CARA Wins 2014 Compliance Product of the Year Award!

CARA has been awarded the Compliance Product of the Year Award for 2014 at the Document Management Awards (www.dmawards.com). We would like to thank all of our fantastic

Customer Testimonial

“We did a comparison of D2 vs. CARA to replace Webtop and found CARA to be far superior in the features our users, as well as Administrators, value. In addition to a very robust, stable, and [...]